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Gracie Jiu Jitsu : The martial art that has revolutionized the world of fighting, proving its effectivess against different styles (Valetudo, UFC, PRIDE). Being able to fight against opponents with superior physical strength and size through the development of human biomechanics and strategy, improving your ability in fighting and fitness.

FGF Functional Gymnastic for Fighters

Benefits: slimming, health for the spine, increased muscle tone, flexibility, mental and physical relaxation.

Bodyweight exercises that are derived from a mix of the fundamentals of movement of Gracie Jiu Jitsu and therapeutic exercises based on modern scientific research in the field of health of  the neuro-musculo-skeletal’s system. Performed in sequence, the drills, develop movement skills essential for anyone who is a fighter and a build motor skills and a high level of physical fitness for people from other reality, including a sedentary lifestyle! Inside the lesson you build or modify motor patterns useful in human activities, allowing participants to develop motor control and skills in the gestures of everyday life, maintaining and improving the efficiency of its spine and peripheral joints. All while having fun, struggling what you need.

WHO CAN 'DO: Anyone who is able to sustain a non-competitive physical activity, there are not fighting techniques or joint locks.

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Headquarter at Bergamo


Chiuduno (Bg)

  Palestra Ananda (Bg)


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The Gracie family are the ones who created the martial arts renowed as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Here in Bergamo you have the luck to find an Academy of the Master Robin Gracie

son of Helio the style’s founder

what are you waiting for? come and learn from the source,

discover how is to deal with the most beautiful art in the world !

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